“Back To Work”: Roger Federer Begins Preparation Ahead Of His Comeback At Australian 2021


Roger Federer

Roger Federer ‘s return is arguably the most awaited thing by the tennis fans at this moment. And this might be their time to celebrate!  Federer has not been seen on court since the semifinals of the Australian Open in January this year.

The 39-year-old had to go through two surgeries, owing to his knee injury. He underwent a surgery in February that ended up not being decisive, requiring a retouch in the form of arthroscopy in June.

At first, Roger Federer was expecting to be back by the end of summer after the lockdown. But unfortunately, he had to go in for another surgery and the following recovery phase.

Roger Federer

This has led Federer to miss several important tournaments this year including the two slams. However, the swiss is all set and ready to be back for the Australian Open 2021, taking place in Melbourne from January 18 to 31.

A Great Comeback Awaits The G.O.A.T

Roger Federer confirmed the progress in his health and his comeback on the court by posting a picture on Twitter. Federer posted a photo showing him playing on a court in Switzerland. He captioned it ‘back to work’, implying the offset of his training. 

Novak Djokovic now threatens to surpass his record of permanence in the world number one already in the next month of March. 

However, thankfully due to the new provisional world ranking system, the position of the Swiss is secure, who has not lost a single point, as if it had happened in conditions only of medical leave.

The Swiss has suffered a ranking blow though, with Daniil Medvedev overtaking him. Federer would now have been at around 100 in the world if not for the unique rankings system this year due to coronavirus crisis. He will at least finish the year as top-5.

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