Who Is Alexander Bublik? Where Is Alexander Bublik From? Who Are Alexander Bublik Parents? How Tall Is Alexander Bublik?


Alexander Bublik
Alexander Bublik (Image Credit: Alexander Bublik Instagram)

Alexander Bublik is a professional tennis player from Kazakhstan, but he represented Russia from 2013 to 2016. Righty was born on 17th June 1997 in Gatchina, Russia. He lives in Sestroretsk, Russia. Most notably, Bublik is known for his powerful serve, especially underarm serve and tricky shots. 

Who Are Alexander Bublik Parents? Who Is Alexander Bublik Coach? 

Bublik’s father’s name is Stanislav Bublik, and his mother’s name is Natalia. Moreover, Alexander Bulik has been coached by his father, Stanislav Bublik and Artem Suprunov.

Alexander Bublik Junior Career

Bublik began playing tennis at the age of two with his father, Stanislav. ITF records say that he competed in the junior circuit from July 2011 to July 2015. That duration, Alexander won six titles and climbed career-high ranking of World No.19 on 9th March 2015. 

Alexander Bublik ATP Career 

Bublik turned into a professional in 2016. He made his ATP main draw debut at the 2016 St.Petersburg Open as a wildcard entrant.

Besides, Alexander has reached the championship match at the 2019 Newport Open and Chengdu Open and 2021 Singapore Open and Antalya Open. 

At the Grand Slam events, Bublik ultimately qualified for the third round at Wimbledon and the US Open

How Tall Is Alexander Bublik?

Alexander Bublik’s height is six feet and five inches(196 cm).

Exciting Facts About Alexander Bublik 

Alexander Bublik’s favourite surface, shot and tournament: Hard, Serve, and Monte Carlo Masters. And Miami is his famous city on the ATP tour.  

Bublik enjoys playing ping pong and basketball. His favourite NBA team is Golden State Warriors, and his favourite player is LeBron James. 

Moreover, His favourite movie is Molly’s Game, the actor is Will Smith, the musician is Eminem, and the superhero is Deadshot. Bublik favourite book, food, school subject: Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Salmon, and History.

Last but not least, he lists sleeping as his best quality and cooking as his worst quality. He says that he can sleep for 16 hours straight.

Alexander Bublik Instagram: bublik

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