Stefanos Tsitsipas Reveals How His Brothers Make Him Happy


Stefanos Tsitsipas, Pavlos Tsitsipas, and Petros Tsitsipas
Stefanos Tsitsipas, Pavlos Tsitsipas, and Petros Tsitsipas

Greek stalwart Stefanos Tsitsipas has had an incredible season so far in 2021. Significantly, the 22-year-old from Athens recently won his first ATP Masters 1000 title at Monte Carlo Masters under his father and coach Apostolos Tsitsipas’s guidance.  

Following an unexpected Mutua Madrid Open’s third-round loss, Tsitsipas is now competing at the Italian Open. He was seeded No.5 in the main draw. 

Meanwhile, the 2019 ATP Finals champion spoke several things in a recent interview, particularly about his performance in Monte Carlo and Barcelona and his family and brothers.  

Stefanos Tsitsipas Only Earns For His Whole Family

Tsitsipas parents do not have any other jobs instead of assisting him on-court and off-court. All of his siblings are tennis players. For these reasons, the entire family depends on Stefanos’s income. 

When asked about his parent’s support and brothers see him as an example, Tsitsipas said, “my parents follow me. They help me. They do everything to make me successful. It is not always easy. I never thought about it, but at the moment, I’m the only one in the family who earns, and it’s a responsibility.”

Greek continued, “My brothers, yes, they see me as an example, and they would like to be like me, and it makes me happy.” (Quotes Have Been Translated Into English Via Google Translator)

“I feel I am able to provide for my family, my brothers have been able to attend Mouratoglou Academy, and we are building a life in the South of France. All these thanks to me and my tennis, and it is a great satisfaction,” World No.5 added. 

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Stefanos Would Like To Follow His Family Tradition Of Competing In Olympic Games

In recent days, Tsitsipas and his brother Petros have been competing in the doubles events. 

Talking about his partnership with his brother, Tsitsipas expressed, “Thanks to him, I have a lot more fun on the pitch. I’ve always wanted it, and we can finally divide the field. No, let’s not fight. When we win, we are twice as happy. I hope we can continue to do it as often as possible.” 

When asked will he play doubles in Tokyo Olympic Games? Stefanos Tsitsipas explained, “Yes, it is our goal for this year. My grandfather Sergej, my mother’s father, won the gold medal in football with the Soviet Union in Melbourne in 1956. I would like to continue on this path.”

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