“Call Him Octopus Was For A Reason”: Stefanos Tsitsipas Applauds Daniil Medvedev For His Game


Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas
Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas

As of now, Stefanos Tsitsipas is the leading match-winner of this season. The Greek also won his maiden ATP Masters 1000 and reached the Grand Slam final this year. However, World No.3 admitted he wanted to become a selfish player to achieve his desire. 

Tsitsipas now plays at the Paris Masters and concludes his 2021 season with ATP Finals. 

“I have two more (tournaments) left and I’m trying to give my last breath on the court and become more of a selfish player on the court, and unveil my killer attitude on the court,” Tsitsipas said in a recent interview. 

“You have to be this way. The best players in the world, are very selfish and they want everything for themselves, and I’m this way too.”

“When I’m on the court I’m not mixing it up with my outside life, and I’m able to separate those two.” 

“I think once you become soft and start kind of getting into your emotions and feeling many things at once … it’s not really good for you.”

“So blocking all of that and letting it pass through and just being able to stay in the moment, these are some qualities that top players have developed and are able to compete at such a level, not really care what’s happening on the other side of the court.”

“Daniil Has Really Perfected The Game”, says Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas revealed Daniil Medvedev dazzles as one of the toughest opponents in the ATP Tour at this moment. Greek also lauded Russian for his elegant tennis. 

Medvedev has had a win-loss record of 50-11 and clinched his maiden Grand Slam title at the US Open this year. 

Tsitsipas continued, “Daniil has really perfected the game that he’s playing that not many players can play. I mean, to call him ‘Octopus’ was for a reason.” 

“He’s just able to get balls that not many people are able to … He has done very well this year,” Stefanos added.

“We all saw what he did at the US Open … He’s one of the most difficult opponents on the Tour, and I guess I’m able to learn from him, as well.”

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