Who Is Djokovic’s Wife? Does Djokovic Have Children? Does Djokovic Have a Brother?’


Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic (Image Credit: Novak Djokovic Instagram)

Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic is considered one of the greatest tennis players in history. He holds numerous records under his name, including most week ranked World No.1 player. Serb is looking forward to the 20th Grand Slam of his career.

Who Is Djokovic’s Wife?

On the other hand, Djokovic is a good family man. Novak married his high school girlfriend, Jelena, after a decade of dating in 2014. 

Jelena was born on 17th June 1986 in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. Her parents are Minomir Ristic and her mother, Vera Ristic. She has an elder sister named Marija. 

Djokovic’s wife completed her primary education in a sports high school in Belgrade. Later on, she earned a degree in Business Administration from Milan’s Bocconi University.

Furthermore, Jelena received a master degree in Luxury Brand Management from the International University of Monaco.

Novak Djokovic and Jelena Marriage 

The love couple got engaged in September 2013. Subsequently, the star pair announced Jelena’s pregnancy on 24th April 2014. Eventually, Djokovic and Jelena got married on 10th July 2014 at Sveti Stefan, a hotel resort in Montenegro.

Exciting Facts About Jelena Djokovic 

Mrs Djokovic is fluent in several languages, including English and Italian. Moreover, Jelena is passionate about animals and loves reading and writing. Most notably, she is interested in Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, and child health care.

In addition to this, Jelena is also an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and the Global CEO and co-founder of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which works with partners worldwide to achieve their goal of a quality preschool education for all.

Does Djokovic Have Children?

Novak Djokovic has two children. Stefan was born on 21 October 2014, and his daughter, Tara, was born on 2 September 2017.

Does Djokovic Have a Brother?  

Novak Djokovic has two younger brothers: Marko Djokovic, a professional tennis player and Djordje Djokovic, a professional tennis player and tournament director of the Serbia Open. 

Jelena Djokovic on Twitter: @jelenadjokovic

Jelena Djokovic on Instagram: jelenadjokovicndf

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