“Tougher To Digest Every Single Day”: Stefanos Tsitsipas Pens Emotional Message For His ‘Dear Friend’


Stefanos Tsitsipas

Greek tennis sensation Stefanos Tsitsipas expressed sorrow over the loss of his dear friend and coach Bernad Frances.

Bernad Frances, who was running an academy with his brother Frank in Spain, passed away recently.  

“You’re The Definition Of A Great Human Being Bernard”: Stefanos Tsitsipas 

Grief had overwhelmed the 22-years-old so wholly. It looks Tsitsipas has suffered the loss of his dear friend Bernad Frances for a long while. 

Stefanos recently wrote down on his Instagram story how he was feeling after the loss of a soulmate.

Bernard Frances

 “I would like to start this saying that I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about you and the great memories that we have formed together over the years of knowing each other. It has been many weeks since your passing, and it is very difficult to wrap my head around it. It makes it tougher to digest every single day. I always remember how much you cared about me, I always felt it when I was next to you”, Tsitsipas wrote. 

World No.6 continued, “Living life with passion and affection. Always striving for the best of things regardless of the situation you were faced with. That’s what made you stand out.” 

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Reminiscing the good old days with his dear friend, Stef expressed, “Those unforgettable moments we had in Madrid and Marbella will remain forever engraved in the back of my head. You brought a lot of joy and affinity, not just for me but the people around me. You’re the definition of a great human being Bernard. It can’t be taken away from you. You have earned it over the years.”

“My Goal Is To Wake Up With A Smile Every Day”: Tsitsipas 

Within a short time, Tsitsipas has earned a lot of fans of his own due to stunning performances. And while Stef broke into top ten, he won the highest title in his career at the 2019 ATP Finals.

Stefanos Tsitsipas Instagram Story

Tsitsipas explained, “My goal is to wake up with a smile every day and think of all the positives that you have brought into my life. It is truly a short but memorable voyage that we have had the opportunity to sail.”

Greek added, “Nothing is more painful in this world than losing someone you love so dearly. I always thought that this life is so beautiful. But I didn’t know someday it would be this cruel to me. I wish I could bring you back to life. Rest in Peace!”

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