“Special Milestone”: Stefanos Tsitsipas Reflects on His Career-High No.3 in ATP Ranking


Stefanos Tsitsipas
Stefanos Tsitsipas (Image credits: Stefanos Tsitsipas Instagram)

Greek stalwart Stefanos Tsitsipas has had a fantastic season in 2021. As a result, he has now become the top three men’s tennis players in the world. However, he said it was a great reward for what he did in the past few years. 

Since the beginning of this season, Tsitsipas has been exhibiting his best tennis skills. He has a win-loss record of 42-12 and won the title at the Monte Carlo Masters and Lyon Open. And Greek reached the championship match at the Acapulco, Barcelona and French Open

Consequently, Stefanos is projected to reach a new career-high position No.3 in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) ranking table on 9th August 2021.

When asked about the breakthrough in ranking in the recent interview, Tsitsipas said, “Being at the ranking that I will be tomorrow is a huge motivation and a very good indication that I’ve done great so far.”

Greek further continued, “(I am) just generally blessed that I’ve put in so much work to make it to the top three, which (I would consider) quite a special milestone.”

“I Wake Up Every Single Day With A Goal”, says Stefanos Tsitsipas 

A 22-year-old from Athens emphasised that to become the top ten tennis player in the world was an exceptional achievement in his career. Notably, he was ranked No.10 for the first time on 4th March 2019. 

“That (Top 10 breakthrough) was a great dream of mine is fulfilled. The top three is on its own, something completely different. My purpose of doing this is self-improvement and trying to become a better person through tennis, so it matters,” Tsitsipas added. 

Greek also expressed, “I wake up every single day with a goal: to get better. To get better with my tennis, to get better in the sport that I chose to follow in my life. I’m very happy I get to play that sport. I’m very happy that I get to inspire people to do what I do.”

Speaking ahead of the Canadian Open 2021, Tsitsipas said, “I’m feeling good with my game, really happy to be back to Toronto, one of my favourite places to compete and play tennis. The location is exactly as I remember it. I’m just generally happy to be competing here again.”

Canada Masters 1000 event runs from 9th to 15th August in Toronto on hard courts. 

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