“Quite The Opposite”: Rafael Nadal Grateful For Support From His Family and Environment


Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

A list of achievements of Rafael Nadal can remember him for many years. However, the Spaniard has revealed that he never felt pressured by his family and environment. 

Nadal said ‘never’ when he was asked have you ever felt pressured by your surroundings in a recent conversation with Mallorca caprice. The 34-years-old also emphasised that he has always had great support from his surroundings. 

Rafa’s uncle Toni Nadal especially helped him as a coach to win his first 16 Grand Slam titles and reach the top of the ATP Rankings. 

Rafael Nadal and Toni Nadal
Toni Nadal and Rafael Nadal

“Quite the opposite. I have always had immense support from my family and my environment. I am very grateful for it, and I think that is how it has to be, especially when you are a child and the only important thing is to have fun, to give everything at the moment but having fun.”, Rafa added.

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“You Have To Fight To The End Because There Is Always The Possibility Of Winning”: Rafael Nadal 

Spaniard is considerably one of the greatest athletes in sports history. Nadal has won 20-Grand Slam titles so far, and he is 13-times champion at Roland Garros. 

Rafael Nadal also revealed the moments he can be defeated when he was asked how many times have you thought about throwing in the towel due to injury, pressure or excessive dedication.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Spaniard replied, “My career can already be considered long due to the number of years on the circuit. But I have gone through good times and others less good. Moments when you have doubts, the pain of everything, but everything is to overcome it. These are difficult moments, but also there is the help of the closest people, family, team. Friends count a lot.” (quotes translated into English via Google translator)

“when it comes to matches, in tennis, the match does not end until the last point, and you have to fight to the end because there is always the possibility of winning. Of course, there are more complicated games, very complicated, but there is always an option.”, World No.2 concluded. 

Nadal confirmed and began preparation ahead of the Australian Open 2021, at the same time, the first major event of the season will begin(February 8th) three weeks later than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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