“Novak Is A Really Wonderful Father”: Jelena Djokovic Praises Her Husband


Jelena Djokovic and Novak Djokovic
Jelena Djokovic and Novak Djokovic

Jelena Djokovic recently revealed that her husband Novak Djokovic has always been passionate about tennis, whether playing on the court or sitting at home. At the same time, World No.1 is doing his father’s role without any flaws. 

Djokovic and Jelena had been friends since school days. The lovely couple got engaged in September 2013 and married on 10th July 2014 in Montenegro. Their children are son Stefen and daughter Tara.

In a recent interview, Jelena Djokovic spoke several things about Novak Djokovic, especially his commitment to tennis and his father’s role.    

The mother of two emphasised that her husband has always been watching tennis and analyses his matches and opponents whenever he was at home.   

“Novak is someone who grew up with that intensity of ‘break ball, match ball, break ball, match ball’, but we get tired of watching, we change the channel to rest,” Jelena commented. 

She further continued, “He(Novak) is in it non-stop. When he returns home, he watches on YouTube and analyses what happened in another match, who is the next opponent, what the competition is doing, he is very dedicated and a great professional.” (Quotes Have Been Translated Into English Via Google Translator)

Jelena also explained that her husband is doing his job perfectly as a father. At the same time, he has limited time to spend with his children because he needs to handle plenty of things.  

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“Novak is a really wonderful father, and he does it very well. But his capacity for the kind of concentration that children require is limited because he has too many responsibilities. In that context, I think we are a very good team because it is a great pleasure to be there, and I have help,” she added. 

“No One Can Force Him(Novak) To Do Something”, says Jelena Djokovic 

Jelena highlighted that her husband is a perfectionist. As a result, nobody can force him to do what he is unwilling to do, even in the diet.  

“Novak is an even bigger perfectionist. He knows his body even better. No one can make him do something he doesn’t want. Novak did not become vegan under my influence. Novak is the best in the world. He is a champion. He is alone on the field. No one can force him to do something,” she confessed. 

“We are a team, and it is very important for me to say, I did not force him to do something, nor did he push me. We explored everything together. He was the first to go vegan.”

“I was a big carnivore, and I still love it very much, but I don’t eat it. I feel good, and that was my goal, to find a way to live this life awake, with energy, healthy. We apply that in our house as well, and our children always have a choice.”

“We Are A Great Support To Each Other”: Jelena

Jelena Djokovic pointed out they are helping each other from the day they met, and her husband has used her curiosity to relieve his stress. 

“Novak and I have been together for 14, 15 years, and we are very similar, we are passionate, we are a great support to each other,” the wife of nine times Australian Open champion said. 

“Naturally, I fell into roles that aimed to make it easier for him to reach the top, and the good thing is that I found the opportunity to learn and grow in everything, and he used my curiosity to de-stress himself so that he could focus on what is most necessary to him,” Jelena expressed. 

In the Italian Open 2021, No.1 seed Novak Djokovic will face British Dan Evans or American Taylor Fritz in his opening encounter.

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