“Learning Serbian Because Of Him”: Die Hard Fan Expresses Love For Novak Djokovic


Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

World No.1 Novak Djokovic has a huge fan base because of his on and off court activities. However, the 17-time Grand Slam has received a motivation gift from one of his die-hard fans while practising for the 2021 Australian Open swing. 

Serb’s fan club international ambassador Julie, French and lives in London, recently visited  Belgrade Novak Tennis centre. She gave Djokovic a special notebook, a collection of fans messages and called ‘You are loved’.

Novak Djokovic and his family organised an exhibition tennis tournament in Serbia and Croatia during the tennis tours suspension.

While tens of thousands of people initially welcomed the Adria Tour, it was eventually criticised by a few numbers of observers owing to the Coronavirus contraction.  

“When Novak was going through difficult moments during June, we started a project in which we wanted to show our love for him. I wrote an Instagram post where I invited people to write three things: who they are and where they are from, how they discovered Novak, and why they love him”, Julie said in a recent interview. 

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She continued, “Numerous responses have arrived from 42 countries around the world, which has shown me that I need to do something about it.”(Quotes translated into English via Google translator)

“Novak Gives Me Hope For My Better Future, And That Is Invaluable”: Julie 

The Frenchwoman said that she had visited many tournaments since 2018 because of the 33-years-old Serbian tennis star. In 2020, She especially visited Rome, where Djokovic claimed his 36th masters 1000 title after defeating Diego Schwartzman in the straight sets. 

Julie continued, “I love Novak for several reasons. First, I liked his ambition and determination. He is a guy who set goals at the beginning and was not ashamed to say them out loud. Secondly, I like his passion for the game, and I also like Djokovic’s transition from defence to attack the field. That backhand parallel, it’s really a real beauty.”

Speaking about Djokovic’s charity work, Julie expressed, “ I am a teacher, and I have spent my whole life in education, so I appreciate the commitment that Novak, Jelena and the foundation invest in improving the conditions for children.” 

“In the end, Novak is super polite and kind, he cares about others, about colleagues, and that is for great respect. All this inspires me and encourages me to achieve what I want. Novak gives me hope for my better future, and that is invaluable. Thanks to Novak, I made many new friends, and I started learning Serbian because of him”, She added.

While Djokovic is preparing to defend his title at the Australian Open, Julie also believes that a unique gift will boost his energy levels. 

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