“He Can Make Me”: Daniil Medvedev Reveals What Makes Him Laugh


Daniil Medvedev
Daniil Medvedev (Image credits: Daniil Medvedev Instagram)

World No.2 Daniil Medvedev is known for his humorous expressions in the men’s tennis world. However, Russian says that his compatriot Andrey Rublev makes him laugh more. 

In a recent interview with ATP Tennis TV, Medvedev was asked about a bunch of things. When asked what makes him laugh? Medvedev straightly replied, “Rublev makes me laugh.” 

Daniil further explained, “Everything he(Rublev) says, everything he talks about, every time I see him doing interviews, every time I see him on stage. Maybe less on the tennis court because he’s really serious. He just goes for winners and stuff like this, but he can make me laugh a lot.” 

What’s So Funny About Rublev’s Interview?

“It’s so funny sometimes how he can forget words and stuff like this and err… just the way he expresses his thoughts because I think many times he doesn’t… tell you or the fans what he actually thinks because he cannot express what he thinks. In Russian, it’s much easier for him, so I laugh about it because I like, ‘you don’t wanna say this one, man,” Medvedev added. 

“Sweet and Sour Chicken Is The Best Dish,” says Daniil Medvedev

Medvedev said, “I would say, is Asian, especially Chinese” when asked about his favourite food. He continued, “In Monaco, we have a Chinese restaurant, and I always order delivery from there. Sweet and sour chicken is the best dish I’ve ever had. I think I can eat it every day non-stop.”

Speaking about relaxing away from tennis, Medvedev detailed, “I play Playstation, I mean, I have a lot of things to relax I think just lying down, going to the beach, going on vacation, watching series, movies. Still, Playstation is the thing that relaxes me the most.”

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