“Hardest Challenge In Sport”: Dominic Thiem on Beating Rafael Nadal at French Open Centre Court


Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal
Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal beat Dominic Thiem in all Roland Garros battles. At the same time, Austrian described that defeating Spaniard at the French Open centre court is one of the most formidable sports challenges.

World No.3 Dominic Thiem has been playing in the Paris Grand Slam since 2014, Even though the 27-years-old reached finals twice so far, he did not manage to win a single champion trophy as a reason none other than Rafael Nadal, who holds most titles in the clay-court major event. 

In a recent interview, when asked what he hoped to have achieved, Dominic Thiem said, “My biggest goal is the French Open.”

Austrian continued, “It’s always been the case this past few years. Because it remains the tournament, I like the most and where the conditions suit me best. I played the final in 2011 as a junior. From that moment, it became the tournament that I always wanted to win.”

Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal
Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal

“He(Rafael Nadal) is a class of his own, and I don’t know if I trust myself to do it. I never managed to beat him there. At other tournaments, I’m confident because I’ve already done it. Still, beating him on his centre-court is probably one of the hardest challenges in sport”, the US Open champion added. 

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“Insane Statistic”: Dominic Thiem on Rafael Nadal’s French Open Defeats 

In 2005, World No.2 Rafael Nadal began his Roland Garros adventure. The 34-years-old Spanish has hunted 13 titles with a 98% winning record. 

Whereas Rafa has played 102 matches at the French Open even now, he was defeated on two occasions. In 2009, Spaniard was beaten by Robin Soderling in the four sets. On the other hand, Novak Djokovic overcame Rafael Nadal in the straight sets in 2015. 

When speaking about Nadal’s French Open win-loss record, Dominic Thiem said, “Only two players have managed to defeat him in 16 years which is an insane statistic. I think that he will still be the undisputed favourite and the strongest player in Paris for another year or two.” 

However, now Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal have been under quarantine in Adelaide ahead of the Australian Open 2021, which begins on 8th February in Melbourne Park.

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