“Guess It’s Normal”: Alexander Zverev Reacts To Earthquake During The Semifinal Match at ATP Acapulco Open 2021


Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev

German tennis star Alexander Zverev booked his final berth amid an earthquake at the Acapulco Open 2021. Nevertheless, No.2 seed admits he did not feel anything today while he thinks it’s usual in this coastal area.

Before the match was going into the decider, Zverev bested his compatriot Dominik Koepfer in the semifinal(6-4, 7-6). During the second set, the whole court jolted due to a moderate earthquake. As a result, the match halted for a few minutes. 

“I didn’t know what happened. Neither did Dominik. We just heard the crowd. I guess the lights started shaking, and the crowd felt it more than we did. We were running around the court, so we had to play a point during the earthquake,” Zverev said after reaching the second final in Acapulco.

German further continued “We didn’t feel much, but still, obviously I know it happens here in Acapulco. I’ve witnessed it here before, so I guess it’s normal for Acapulco.”

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 “I Hope Everyone Is Fine At The Area That Is Closest To The Earthquake”: Alexander Zverev

According to records, earthquakes often strike around Acapulco, situated in Guerrero’s state on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

The National Seismological Institute announced that the quake had a magnitude of 5.7 on the Richter scale. And the epicentre was 60 kilometres southeast of San Marcos – about a two-hour drive from the hardcourt tournament venue. 

“Last year, we had a similar thing during my match or during my practice. I don’t remember. It was bigger, though because I saw the lights shaking. I didn’t see anything today. But I guess it happens in this area. Everything is proved to be stable… I hope everyone is okay at the site that is closest to the earthquake,” Zverev added.

However, Alexander Zverev and his rival Stefanos Tsitsipas will lock horns for their first title in the port city.

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