“Doing Absolutely Fine”: Andy Murray Happy With His Progress In Recent Days


Andy Murray

In recent days, the former World No.1 Andy Murray seizes off every single opportunity to improve himself. Meanwhile, the three-time Grand Slam title winner admits that he still feels like he can compete for big events.

The 33-years-old British is still now working hard to find his form after undergoing second right hip surgery. Looking forward to exhibiting his best standard tennis, Murray has been playing and practising with the top 20-70 professionals. However, Murray is now competing in the ATP 250 event Open Sud de France in Montpellier.

Before beginning his campaign against Belarusian Egor Gerasimov, the current World No.121 said, “I’ve played in practice with lots of top players, and I know how I’m getting on against them. If I was getting smoked when I was practising and playing with guys, I wouldn’t keep going through it.”

Two-time Olympic Gold medalist added, “But I know the level that I’m playing at. I’ve been playing and practising with guys who are between 20 and 60, 70 in the world, and I’m doing absolutely fine, and that’s off the back of hardly playing any matches in the past couple of years.”

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“I Need To Stay Fit”, says Andy Murray

Having an intention to make histories, Murray’s body fitness is holding him back to executive what he plans.  

When speaking about battling against top ten players, the former British No.1 explained, “If I can stay fit for a period of time and get good practise in and matches in, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to compete with the best players. Obviously, playing your Rafas, Novaks, Rogers, Medvedev, Thiem, these guys is difficult.”

At the last minute, Andy Murray could not fly to Melbourne for the recently concluded Australian Open due to COVID-19 contraction. 

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Two time champ at SW19 continued, “Of course, it would be. That would have been the case when I was ranked right up at the top of the game. But I still feel like I can compete for big events. I wish I was able to show that in Australia because I was ready to do that. No question, I was ready to do that.”

“I need to stay fit. If I don’t stay fit, then no, I’m not going to get back to where I want to. But if I could stay fit for a period of time, then yeah,” the 2012 US Open champion expressed.   

“It’s Difficult Just Now Moving Up The Rankings”:Andy Murray

Murray has been listed out of a hundred in the ATP ranking table since June 2018, and once upon a time, he was ranked 839th player in the World. 

“It’s difficult just now moving up the rankings because of the two-year rankings… in terms of performance on the court, we’ll see. Let’s see whether I can compete with them.

I’m doing it each week now. I’m going to get the chance to compete against them, so let’s see. People keep asking me about it. Let’s see what happens,” Murray concluded.

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