“Bigger Than What I Went: Roger Federer Believes Juan Martin Del Potro Will Make Comeback As He Did


Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro
Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro

Following two consecutive knee surgeries, Swiss superstar Roger Federer returned to the circuit a couple of days ago. On reopening after over 13 months hiatus, the 20-time Grand Slam champion swung his racquet at the Qatar Open 2021 and showed his best standard of tennis skills in front of his fans. 

After concluding his comeback campaign in Doha, Federer revealed his wish on the return of Argentinian tennis icon none other than Juan Martin Del Potro in the post-match press conference.  

Earlier, the 2009 US Open Champion also expressed his thoughts on Roger’s comeback during the Konex Awards delivery. Notably, Del Potro said that it is always a pleasure for the tennis world to see him(RF).    

When speaking about Del Potro’s message in the press conference, Roger Federer said, “I’m happy he said that. I did not hear that. Obviously, he wanted Juan Martín to return to the circuit as I did now.” (Quotes have been translated into English via Google Translator)

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“When you are at our level, you want to come back and feel that you can give more. For me, it is a real test to see how things are going to go and how they are,” Federer added. 

“I Hope He(Del Potro) Finds This Better Sooner Rather Than Later”, says Roger Federer

The recent reports say that the former World No.3 has an intention to make his comeback at the Tokyo Olympic Games. And the 32-years-old from Tandil has especially won the bronze medal and silver medal in the London and Rio de Janeiro editions’ singles event.   

On the other hand, Federer, looking for his first singles gold medal in the global event, also emphasised that Del Porto’s comeback will take even more than how long he took for his return.

“I hope he finds this better sooner rather than later. But if it takes him another month, two, three months, how long does it take him? I want him to return and be in good health forever. I know it will take a while because everything he went through is bigger than what I went through,” Roger Federer added.

However, Juan Martin Del Potro hasn’t played a competitive match since the 2019 Queen’s Championships in London. And, the Tokyo Olympic Games will take place from 23rd July to 8th August this year. 

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