“A Drop In The Ocean”: Roger Federer Speaks on His Foundation Contribution And Life During The COVID-19 Lockdown


Roger Federer
Roger Federer

We learned new lessons last year. However, the Swiss Maestro Roger Federer stated that the previous year was probably an extraordinary year for all of us, characterised by complex emotions and new experiences in Roger Federer foundation annual report of 2020. 

Following the 2020 Australian Open semifinal exit, Federer played his first match in South Africa. In an exhibition event, he competed with rival Rafael Nadal, co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and comedian Trevor Noah in front of 51,954 spectators. And he raised around $3.5 million for his foundation.

When reminiscing memories of a pandemic year, Federer went directly to his mother’s country.    

“In February, I was able to play the unforgettable Match in Africa 6 in Cape Town, South Africa, and celebrate an exhilarating tennis festival with a record-breaking 51,954 fans for the benefit of the Foundation,” Roger said

“For The First Time In Over 20 years, I Was No Longer Travelling”: Federer

The 39-year-old from Basel was one of the busiest athletes in recent decades but, the COVID-19 shortened his travelling days last year. As a result, he had enough time to spend with his family and especially his children.

Federer continued, “After that, I underwent knee surgery, not knowing that my break from sports would be followed by a global lockdown. For the first time in over 20 years, I was no longer travelling, my life was no longer scheduled down to the minute, and the COVID-19 pandemic restricted my freedom of movement. 

I enjoyed spending this intensive downtime with my family. But I looked worriedly at the development of the global infection numbers, missed the contact with my parents and friends, and observed with deep concern that people drifted into poverty or lost friends and family to the disease.” 

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“We Financed A Meal Programme For Over 100,000 Children”, says Roger Federer

Even though Foundation projects implementation was interrupted by the lockdown, Federer and co helped in all other possible ways to people in need.  

“To a certain extent, the foundation was able to help with the need created by the crisis. We financed a meal programme for over 100,000 children and families in southern Africa during school closings, and we initiated a family emergency fund in Switzerland. 

But I am aware that this is only a drop in the ocean. It will take a wave of solidarity to reverse the long-term negative consequences of the pandemic,” Swiss added.

Eventually, the 20-time Grand Slam champion expressed admiration for helpers in this crisis and their local partners, who have worked tirelessly and with a lot of creativity to keep the programmes going, thus ensuring the children continue to receive some education nutrition. 

“I want to express my special thanks for this amazing effort”, Roger concluded.

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