Ashleigh Barty: “Seeing The Same World Through Different Eyes”


Ashleigh Barty is giving a interview

World Numer one Ashleigh Barty has been shown her best performances before the suspension of WTA tours. Especially, Australian won her first home title at Adelaide International. After Ash came back from the Cancelled Indian Wells, She took her mind back to childhood memories. Amid Coronavirus fears Roland Garros Champion is watching one of her favourites “Lady and the Tramp.”  Barty spends time with a Golf Stick, Cricket Bat behalf of a Tennis Racquet.

“The puzzles are great for my mind and for my brain” – Ashleigh Barty

During the absence of tennis, the top woman is hosting golf competition at her home with boyfriend Garry Kissick(Australian Professional Golf Player). In the latest WTA Insider Interview, Ashleigh Barty answered to the question: Do you have things that scratch your competitive itch right now?

Barty said, “Yeah, I still have plenty. At home with Gary, we have a couple of golf setups and we can have to put competitions at home and kicking competitions out in the backyard. The golf game is certainly moving in the right direction, so that’s a positive thing. The puzzles are great for my mind and for my brain. I feel like it keeps me going.”

Get positive things from different perspectives

Best player in the world shared about to find a purpose during this tough time, “I think you have to see the benefits. I think there’s no point in just wishing what could be, what should be. I think it’s about the possibilities of what’s next.”

“There’s no point focusing on all the negatives. It’s definitely an opportunity to see some of the positives and to view life in a different way. Whatever your career is, whatever your working life is, I think it’s an opportunity to view that with a different set of eyes as well.”


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