“Arrogant Prediction”: Rafael Nadal Reacts To Djokovic’s Coach Goran French Open 2020 Final Comments



Amongst the ongoing who’s the greatest of all debate, many people have come forward and expressed their views on Rafael’s win at Roland Garros this time. Rafael Nadal is now a champion of 20 Grand Slam titles. He equaled Roger Federer’s record after this French Open win and is getting many praises all across the Tennis world.

This Tuesday, Rafael gave a fascinating and fun interview where he talked about his win at the tournament and shared what he felt after hearing Ivanisevic’s views on his win.

 “I Didn’t See Ivanisevic. I Didn’t Get To See It Until After The Final”: Nadal

Djokovic and Ivanisevic

The program is named ‘La Resistencia,’ where he respectfully addressed Novak’s coach words. However, Ivanisevic shared his views upon the finals and claimed that Djokovic would be winning as the situations are much more in favor of him.

Talking about Djokovic’s coach comments, Rafa said, “I swear I didn’t see Ivanisevic, I didn’t get to see it until after the final. It was indeed a somewhat arrogant prediction, but it is true that perhaps the conditions were never so favorable to Novak.” 


Nadal also went on to share a few words on Novak’s disqualification from the US Open.“I was at home, watching golf. They sent me a message to see what was happening. I connected with the TV when they were already deciding it. When I saw it, I thought I was out. The rule is clear. Is it the height of bad luck? “It is. Is it a bitch? It is. But the supervisor has no other choice. It was a very complicated decision, yes, but if he did not disqualify him, he was absent from the regulations”, Nadal said, being optimistic about the game.

World number two also went light-hearted about the size of his biceps, “I never pulled an iron in my life. Tennis players have these differences between arms. Having big biceps is something I never worried about.”

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