“Andy Murray Was Arrogant From a Young Age”: Fabio Fognini Reveals His On-Court Debates with British Star


Fabio Fognini and Andy Murray

While Fabio Fognini had all praise for Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic, he revealed his on-court relationship with British star Andy Murray. Additionally, both don’t share a good relationship with each other. 

While players embrace playing against each other, we, as fans, don’t really get to know them inside the story between them. 

However, Fabio Fognini, in his autobiography talking about his relationship with Murray, wrote, “Murray and I never got along. We are two hotheads. And we lose our cool pretty quickly. When we are in court, we despise each other. Andy Murray was arrogant from a young age. A guy all lobs and drop shots, tricky shots designed to mock you.”

Fabio Fognini and Andy Murray

“Murray Is An Incredible Player”- Fabio Fognini

Besides, their head-to-head contest is proof of these words of Fabio. Both have played against each other a total of eight (8) times, with both winning 4 matches each. Hence, their rivalry is something in the game, with one of the most prominent in the tennis world. 

However, keeping this rivalry and despise aside, the Italian still had praise for Murray’s game. Additionally, he also considers Murray as “an incredible player”.

Andy Murray

In addition to this, Fabio Fognini said, “Murray is an incredible player. He moves magnificently and like a spider, he can reach everywhere. He also defends like a God. It is like being on a highway knowing that the only way to reach the destination is to go 200km per hour.”

Now that we are all aware of this amazing rivalry, we are all waiting to see them again play against each other. And this could well happen in the upcoming French Open.

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Additionally, Andy Murray received a wild card entry into the tournament. Besides, he will be playing in Paris after a long time and will look to perform at his best level in the tournament. Hence, fans can expect a good game if both play against each other.


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