“Andy Murray Should Retire When He Wants To Retire”: Chris Evert Hits Back at Mats Wilander


Andy Murray

Andy Murray’s recent straight-set loss at the French Open was a disappointment for not only him and the whole tennis world as well. Subsequently, former player Mats Wilander has commented over Britain utilizing a wild card for Grand Slam events entry.


As well as three-times French Open champion said, “I think Andy Murray needs to stop thinking of himself and start thinking about who he was. Does he have a right to be out there taking wildcards from the young players?”

While American tennis legend Chris Evert has responded to Mats Wilander, she also has a different perspective in taking wildcards. 

Chris Evert

18 times Grand Slam champion said, “Andy Murray should retire when he wants to retire. No one should be telling him. Any champion who has won Grand Slams they are entitled to retire on their terms and no-one should be critical of that.”

She continued, “I disagree that he is taking wildcards away from people. If you have won Grand Slams, you have earned the right to take wildcards.”

“Andy Murray is a smart guy. He is no going to go three years taking wildcards if he is not winning matches. He will know if his game isn’t improving, and he is not getting deep into tournaments. And He is going to let go.”, the 65-years-old woman added. 

“The Pandemic Isn’t Helping Him(Murray)”: Chris Evert

After his multiple hip surgeries, Andy Murray returned the tennis circuit in October last year. But the coronavirus pandemic shutdown the ATP tours from mid-march to mid-august this year. As a result, the former world number one player did not get many more opportunities to improve his game.     

Andy Murray

Additionally, Chris Evert explained, “He has won so many tournaments. He has been through so much adversity with his body. He is happy to be on the court, glad to be healthy, satisfied to be around tennis again, and take time for him.”

“Unfortunately, the pandemic isn’t helping him or his tennis as he needs matches. Also, clay is not his best surface, and unfortunately, he had to play Stan Wawrinka, who totally overpowered him. Still, he is the one who decides when he wants to stop playing.”, the seven times Roland Garros Champion concluded.

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