Andy Murray Makes Surprise Visit To Kids Tennis Camp; Judy Murray Says, “Never Forget Where You Come From”


Andy Murray

British tennis great, Sir Andy Murray surprised a group of children when he visited a tennis camp in Dunblane. Additionally, the former world number one went to the Dunblane Sports Centre. Moreover, the children, from age 6-14 were practicing with Coach Mark Walker Tennis. 

Even the coach was stunned to see Andy Murray there, let alone the children. He said, “The visit was completely unexpected. I didn’t know he was coming. The kids couldn’t believe it.”

In addition to this, the coach also said, “The best thing was that they didn’t know he was coming. He just walked down the hill with his tennis racket.”

Further, Murray also enjoyed some good time playing with the children.

“This Week Has Been The Best So Far”- Dunblane Coach Mark Walker Tennis

In addition to this, Mark also shared, “He played with all of them. He played with every single kid. Because it is here where he started, it is so powerful. Additionally, it also made a lot of people happy. People couldn’t even believe it- what an experience for them.”

Moreover, the coach also shared his moments in the camp. He shared that the club is doing well and has been doing that for a long time now. “We have been quite successful over the last three weeks. And obviously this has been the best so far”, he said.

While the children were very happy with the visit, they could not get the signed autographs from their favorite player. Due to the COVID-19 restriction, the students could get only a socially distanced photograph with the 2016 ATP World Tour Finals winner Andy Murray.

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Even Andy Murray’s mother Judy Murray was very proud of this step. She commented on the visit on social media, saying: “Never forget where you come from.”


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