Andrey Rublev Feels Proud Of Roger Federer’s Amazing Prediction


Roger Federer and Andrey Rublev

Roger Federer, before the start of the season, had predicted a fantastic season for Andrey Rublev. The Swiss picked the 23-year-old Russian back in 2019 when he was asked about the player to watch out for in 2020. Federer’s prediction seems to have come true and how!

Andrey Rublev has been on a roll this year and has been on a career-high. He has bagged five ATP titles till now in 2020. On Sunday, Rublev earned victory over Lorenzo Sonego in the Vienna final to win his fifth ATP title of the season. This also led him to secure a spot at the Tour Finals in London. Moreover, he has won more ATP tournaments this season than any other player. 

Andrey Rulev

The Russian answered some of the fan’s questions related to the legend’s prediction about him. Rublev sounded excited and grateful for getting to hear such praise from a player of Federer’s stature. Moreover, he seemed surprised by the fact that Federer did not name people like Shapovalov or Khachanov, as they were ahead of him then.

“It’s crazy that a player of this dimension, a legend, in short, can say that about me. I am very honoured. Afterwards, we are all housed in the same boat; all the young people work hard. Roger could as well have cited, for example, Shapovalov, Khachanov, Felix, De Minaur because at the time they were ahead of me in the standings.”, Rublev said.

“All The Young Guys Are So Good”: Andrey Rublev

Rublev then tried to subdue his excitement, and modestly stated the fact that other youngsters are excellent as well. He also reiterated that he does not think this season is only about him and gave regard to fellow players.

“Well, of course, it’s amazing when such a legend says something in this way, but as I was saying at the beginning of this season, it’s not only about me. All the young guys are so good. All the players are working hard, all of them having amazing seasons, having an amazing level to be on the top.”, Rublev added.

Roger made Andrey’s bet, above anyone else, from the start of the season and he is not proving to be wrong at all.

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