An Eponym Creates Confusion About Serena Williams’ Views On Racism


Recently a Facebook post earned grand publicity and bagged millions of views around the world as users mistakenly took it as Serena Williams’ take-one on racism. 

Serena Williams

Although there are worldwide protests on Black Lives Matter it is equally important to consider the fact that Name Does Matter too. The post that came from a namesake’s account of a white woman later modified it.

And also mentioned the source of the same with the corresponding date. This incident certainly points out the need to get to the root of information before spreading it on social media platforms.

The tennis icon Serena Williams is quite audacious about her views on current affairs but once the post got viral with her name associated with it chunks of opinion and comments started pouring in heavily on digital media. Another Facebook user shared the screenshot of the post with a caption, “Serena Williams just hit the nail on the head, this is exactly my thoughts” on 22nd June 2020. 

Serena Williams

Interestingly, the post that had nothing to do with the 23 Grand Slam Singles Winner, was shared for more than 162000 times and the screenshot of the same also got passed on to several thousand users across continents.

“Don’t pretend there isn’t a problem in America”- Serena Williams

Meanwhile, as the post gained popularity the user, also named Serena who shared it in the first place edited it and also acknowledged that her views were originally taken from another Facebook user, Gina Torres.

Of late the tennis icon Serena Williams shared political content on racism and discrimination but her post was different in tone and nature. Instead of brushing off certain experiences of several races in the United States she highlighted how badly the black people are treated in some videos.

Serena Williams

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“Don’t pretend there isn’t a problem in America,” tweeted Serena a few days after the death of George Floyd and quoted a Nike video about racial inequality. Serena’s husband Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit has already stepped down in early June from the online platform board so that the company can open up the position for someone with different skin colors.


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