“Always Feeling Under Pressure”: Former American Tennis Star On Facing Roger Federer


Roger Federer

Roger Federer has had so many opponents throughout his career that he might not remember them all. But, each one of his opponents remembers him very well, and Federer makes sure about that. 

One of his opponents from the United States recently talked about how it is like playing against the Swiss. Scoville Jenkins, the former professional tennis player, was remembering playing with Federer in 2007, almost 17 years back.

He faced the legend in the first round and lost in straight sets, which was not a surprise considering Federer’s form back then and that Jenkins was not fully recognized.

Roger Federer

While speaking on a podcast hosted by David Beilinson, Scoville explained how he still vividly remembers that match. The 34-year-old talked about how the 20-time grand slam champion creates pressure for his opponent.

He said that it is not just a physical game of tennis but a mental battle while playing with Federer. He (Federer) does not let his opponent get away with any error and capitalizes on them.

“You’re always feeling under pressure,” Jenkins said. “like if I don’t do something he’s just going to go back into maybe hitting a great forehand across or up the line, and a sliced short to then pull me up the line.”, said the American of Federer.

 “You Feel So Much Pressure To Do Something”: Scoville Jenkins

Federer’s game might look effortless on the TV but is full of intricacies and precision. He has an attacking style of play and is always on the lookout for points.

He is still a step ahead of his opponent and sets up his shots accordingly. According to Scoville, the Swiss play like he is playing chess, strategizing his every move.

“I would say the biggest thing with Roger Federer is you’re playing chess out there with him, and he’s just constantly a step ahead of you, and you know it. I have to be on the offense, you feel so much pressure to do something, or he will embarrass you.

You know every shot he hits is to set up the next shot, and when you are playing him, I’m thinking if I don’t hit this good enough, then I already know what he’s going to do to me.”, the American added.

Jenkins also mentioned how he had seen him play on TV several times and observed his attacking playing style.

“I watched him do it on TV millions of times, you know, and so you’re always feeling like he’s out-thinking you, outplaying you, he’s a step ahead of you.”, he said.

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