“A Lot of Speculation Around Him”: French Open 2020 Director Guy Forget Picks Rafael Nadal as His Big Favourite



While Former world number one Rafael Nadal aims to win his 13th title at the French Open 2020, the tournament Director Guy Forger has picked Spaniard as his big favorite. The main draw of the event will begin on Sunday. The defending Champion will compete with world no.69 Egor Gerasimov during the opening round match. 

However, the French Open tournament director Guy Forget preferred Nadal as a big favorite for the ongoing tournament in Paris. On the other hand, the Frenchman acknowledged that this year’s event different from the past. 


Additionally, Forget responded a question over Rafa’s chance to win the title this season. Director explained that “when you look at the last 15 participations, he won the tournament 12 times, once he was injured and twice he was beaten by stronger than him and was not in his optimal form. He’s the big favorite once again here at Roland Garros.” 

“The Humidity, the Heat Can Change the Rebound of the Ball a Little”- Guy Forget

Whereas the French Tennis Federation(FFT) concluded the high bounce Babolat balls last season, they have now started the new season with a reliable bounce Wilson tennis balls. Meanwhile, this year’s tournament has also taken place under new weather conditions than usual. 

Guy Forget

Speaking about this year’s tournament atmosphere, Guy Forget said, “It’s true that this year, the ball is different, the playing conditions too because we play a little later in the season. The humidity, the heat can change the rebound of the ball a little. We know that (Rafael) Nadal plays with significantly pronounced effects, perhaps less marked this year.” 

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“He will not have his usual staff as a whole. We know he likes to take the same room in the same hotel, but that will not be the case this year, so there is a lot of speculation around Rafael Nadal.” He concluded.


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